Kitchen Essentials Products

To complement our produce we offer a wide array of tools to enhance your kitchen.

Apple Core Peeler

Quickly pares, cores & slides in one easy motion. With vacuum base and clamp.

Apple Corer

Six perfect vegetable or fruit wedges with one press stainless blades.

Cherry Pitter

Features automatic feed tray and catch hopper. Ideal for canning, freezing and baking.

Egg Timer

Festive egg 60 minute cooking timer.

Fresh Chip Clip

Dishwasher safe. Lift hold clip for fresh chips.

Garlic Press

Swiss innovation.

Garlic Zoom

Innovative rolling garlic chopper.

Juicer Steamer

Professional gauge stainless. Heavy duty encapsulated base. Multi purpose steamer.

Julienne Peeler

Swiss innovation. Ergonomic handle. Fun orange color.

Lemon Press

Quickly squeeze lemons. Dishwasher safe.

Melon Slicers

8" diameter ideal for cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapples. Stainless blades safety storage cover included.

Palm Peeler

Palm held vegetable peeler. Stainless blades slide on finger and peel.

Paring Knives

Great for peeling, coring and intricate work. Cut garnishes, devein shrimp, remove seeds.

Peeler Knife

Swiss innovation. Swap it peeler to knife in seconds.


Smooth glide peeler. Fun colors. Swiss innovation.

Pepper Ball

Innovative one-handed pepper grinder.

Sauce Master

Easy to use, less waste, cuts canning in half. Ideal for fresh homemade sauces, purees and juices.


Swiss mountain high grade silicone. Super fun colors.

Strawberry Huller

Perfect for removing stems. Stainless dishwasher safe.

Strawberry Spoon

Fun for serving jam & condiments.

Tomato Press

Press fresh tomatoes for the ultimate sauce, marinara, salsa juice, puree, paste or soup.


Whipstir 2-in-1 whisk large and small whisk in one.