Local Businesses

We support local businesses. We love to see others grow and succeed and we are delighted to help them anyway we can.

Beeline Nutty Honey Butter


Unique blending of honey and nuts creating a yummy spread!

Canvas Kombucha Brewing Co.

Canvas Kombucha Brewing Co. Phone: 406-212-6910

Available in a variety of flavors--try the popular Burning Mango!--kombucha is a fermented tea that uses a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast in the brewing process with only organic, non-toxic ingredients. Naturally carbonated, healthy & tasty!

Great Northern Honey Co.

Great Northern Honey Co. 406-892-5777 Click here to visit Great Northern Honey Co.'s website!

David & Amy Hooks are passionate about their honey! Pure, natural Montana Wildflower Honey at its finest ~ minimally heated & minimally strained ~ absolutely nothing is added.

Senor Chili Pepper

Senor Chili Pepper Phone: 406-871-1445 Email: senorchilipepper@gmail.com Facebook: Senor Chili Pepper LLC

Senor Chili Pepper Salsa is brimming with fresh vegetables that gives it a 'fresh from the garden' flavor. It's great with tortilla chips by itself or mix it in with some cream cheese, put it into a meatloaf for that extra flair, on your eggs, in your taco and so many more delicious ways to use it! Made locally in Montana with our dedication to continue to produce each and every one of our flavors (Mild, Medium and Hot) to the satisfaction of our customers!

Sweet Pickin’s

Sweet Pickin’s Phone: 406-752-2359 Facebook: Sweet Pickin's Pumpkin Patch Click here to visit Sweet Pickin’s's website!

Terry and his wife Deb have reinvented themselves and found a hidden talent of their art of making Kettle Corn. A unique, sweet treat enjoyed all year long.