Local Businesses

We support local businesses. We love to see others grow and succeed and we are delighted to help them anyway we can.

Great Northern Honey Co.

Great Northern Honey Co. 406-892-5777 Click here to visit Great Northern Honey Co.'s website!

David & Amy Hooks are passionate about their honey! Pure, natural Montana Wildflower Honey at its finest ~ minimally heated & minimally strained ~ absolutely nothing is added.

Imperial’s Garden


We have a 16 year relationship with this family owned & operated premier farm. They provide us with freshest vegetables we can find, picked exclusively for us to order. Their crops are expansive including fresh peas, beens, pickles, tomatoes, corn, melons, garlic, squash and pumpkins. A true gem in the growing community.

Kingsbury Colony

Our local premiere Hutterite Colony provides us with a plentiful garden selection of fresh vegetables. They also provide fresh eggs, sauerkraut, bread & rolls.

Montana Olive Oil

Montana Olive Oil 406-926-3443 montanaolivekal@gmail.com Click here to visit Montana Olive Oil's website!

"To LIVE for!!" is the motto of Montana Olive Oil specializing in Aged Balsamics and Olive Oils both traditional and naturally infused. We carry an extensive selection of their olive oils and balsamic vinegars--so many combinations to try and enjoy!

Mountainview Gardens


Locally grown tomatoes and veggies grown hydroponically---pesticide free.

SJB Marketing

Chuck has provided us a direct link into Oregon’s finest growers of pesticide free berries. Varietals include: blackberry, raspberry, marionberry, strawberry. Keep a watchful eye as these fruitful gems are only available seasonally.

Wenig Foods

The Apple Barrel would not be where it is today without this family-owned-company that introduced Dave & Dana. Started by Dana’s dad, Henry Wenig, Wenig Foods distributes to the Northwest and hauls freight directly from the farm to The Apple Barrel.

Western Growers Co-op

This local non-profit co-op helps distribute locally grown produce to retailers in Montana.