Glacier Sun Winery

Since 2011, Glacier Sun Winery has been creating a lovely selection of quality wines with grapes sourced from Washington and local fruits from Montana. Bill Schindler joined our winery team in 2012 and we look forward to the future as we collaborate with him. Please come in and enjoy our expanded winery tasting room Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  (Later hours by appointment.) Good news! Our wines are available for purchase any time during Apple Barrel business hours. Please check out our Tasting Room Menu for delicious food options too! Appetizer Plates including Cheese & Crackers with Seasonal Fruits or a Meat & Cheese Plate.


Dessert Wines

--Apricot Dessert Wine We are proud to bring back an old favorite, our Apricot Dessert Wine! Resting for over 20 months in our special bourbon barrel gives the wine its full apricot flavor, wrapped up in a smooth caramel shell.
--Cherry Vanilla Dessert Wine Flathead cherries and Madagascar bourbon vanilla have been blended together to create a well-balanced dessert wine that showcases our cherries & the Madagascar vanilla to perfection!
--Nectarine Dessert Wine With an aroma of an orchard of nectarines, you are greeted with the taste of summer. The bright, crisp sweetness of the nectarines comes out in each sip.
--Weeping Wall Sweet Syrah Dessert Wine What's old is new again. We are bringing back an old favorite from the back of the cellar. One of the first wines we produced, it has a cascade of sweet fruitiness followed with a clean finish. A limited number of bottles were created so be sure to add some to your cellar before this vintage is gone.

Fruit Wines

--Huckleberry Peach Our huckleberry peach wine is a slightly sweet wine with a nice balance between peaches and Flathead Valley huckleberries. The wine is unique and perfect for a warm summer evening. Chill a bottle and enjoy!
--Barrel Harvest Apple A slightly sweet wine with the crisp tartness of fresh apples. We bring you a blend of Golden Delicious and Pink Lady apples. Enjoy chilled.
--Nectarine WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Buy one, get one free! With an aroma of an orchard of nectarines, you are greeted with the taste of summer. Chill a bottle with friends and enjoy summer!
--Flathead Valley Dry Cherry A perfect fruit wine for the red wine drinker. Not too dry, not too sweet. A true Montana treasure.

Red Wines

--2013 Barbera The 'People's wine.' This medium bodied, northern Italian delight opens with bright fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and finishes with mild tannins. Godere il vino! (Enjoy the wine!)
--2013 Cabernet Franc One of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc is most noted as a blending wine. Smooth and round, yet just enough of a pepper finish to make its own statement.
--2013 Pinot Noir We hope you enjoy our Pinot Noir as a stand alone summer treat or paired with any summer fare. The raspberry opening leads into a well-balanced body and a medium tannin finish is sure to please. Raise a glass to summer and Salute!
--2013 Syrah Welcome to the big, the red and the beautiful. 18 months in oak rounds the flavors into a smooth, full bodied red. Enjoy with your well-seasoned red wine enthusiasts!
--2013 Cabernet Sauvignon After several on-site tastings, the reviews are in! ...a limousine of cabs, a full-bodied wine with gentle oakiness. Bold, yet soft. You can taste the sun on grapes. Dark cherry and fruit forward with a smooth, velvety finish. We are so happy to have so many great reviews. Enjoy and review our Cabernet for yourself!
--2014 Malbec Argentina meets the Northwest! Our first Malbec is sure to become a favorite. It's the perfect blend of a deep, bold red with just the right smooth jammy flavor to please your taste for a Malbec.
--2014 Barbera This vintage is a bit bolder and richer in depth.
--2014 Mal-Bera A limited release blend of 70% Barbera and 30% Malbec makes for a desirable blend.

Special Reserve Wines

Enjoy our Special Reserve Wines. Some are familiar favorites, others are Special Vintners Blends. The one thing they share is their limited supply. Pick up an old favorite or special blend while they last!
--2012 Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon This bad boy cab comes out of an extended stay in time out. Taste after taste, we waited for him to age properly. Each tasting gave us 'It's not that bad.' So we put him back in time out. After surviving the terrible twos, he finally behaved and 'It's not that bad Cab' was released. Enjoy the mature taste of our Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Affectionately known as 'It's not that bad Cab.'

White Wines

--2013 Chardonnay This is a well balanced semi-oaked style Chardonnay. With notes of pears, apples and mangoes all wrapped up in a warm honey shell.
--2014 Gewurztraminer Our Gewurztraminer has aromas of honeysuckle, apples and honey. The flavor, while dry, is like a pear dipped in honey. It is a bit tart and very refreshing. Pair it with grilled halibut or baked cod.
--2015 Riesling Slightly dry with a bright acidity and semi-tart finish.